Friday, February 13, 2009

A Few Random Musings/Questions

I have a few things that I have been pondering just lately; if any of you know the answers to any of the questions or thoughts I bring up here, please feel free to share them with me.

1. Is there a way to do password protected posts on Blogger? I have had some fallout in my "real" life over the post I wrote the other day (St. Nick called it a Manifesto! Which made me proud, actually), and if in the future I might come across as "toxic", I don't want some of my real life people reading it. However, I looked all through Blogger and I can't find a way to do it. Any ideas/suggestions? Also, if on occasion I DO post a private post, how many of you would actually go through the process involved in reading it?

2. If I go to the same movie as Hannah and her date tomorrow night, would that in fact be considered "a gross violation of my personal privacy?" Because for some reason she thinks there is something wrong with that; I can't quite figure it out, and am wondering why, as long as I don't sit in the middle of the two of them, it should be a problem. The only problem that I can see is that they are planning to watch Paul Blart: Mall Cop, which quite frankly makes me want to vomit just a little.

3. Have any of you ever known "So and so will call to set up an appointment next week" to translate directly to "This is so and so and your appointment is tonight at 5:00," without any intervening negotiations? Hannah's therapist told us last week that B. would call to set up an appointment. Which in my little pea brain I took to mean that it would be like the other 45 million doctor and/therapist offices I have ever been in contact with where they call on Monday and say, "This is what we have open, which day works best for you?" At 10:30 yesterday morning, she called to TELL me, "Your appointment is at 5:00. Tonight." I have never heard of anything so ridiculous; I wanted to say "Are you fucking kidding me?" but she was already mad at me for questioning her "set up an appointment" process. Needless to say, Hannah missed her appointment on Thursday, because I have all of these other things like three other kids and a job to make arrangements for, and being called at 10:30 the day OF just doesn't work for me.

4. Why is it that the day before Valentine's Day, with big plans made because The Guy has to work ON V-Day, after the whole evening has been planned out down to the very last rock-my-world detail, I start my freaking period? I blame the dog; she went into heat last night, poor thing, bleeding all over the place and not sure just WHAT this stuff coming out of her hootch is. But I was not supposed to start until Sunday-ish, so I think she triggered mine (come on. I have to blame SOMEONE!). Nice. Looks like a very chaste dinner and movie tonight. Wow-do I know how to live it up or WHAT?

5. What are my obligations now that I have found out-through an across the fence discussion with one of the less odd new neighbors-that every single neighbor (on both sides AND in the back) are using some sort of illegal substance regularly? Mostly I am all like "to each his own" and shit, because I really don't care what people do as long as they don't bug ME or cause problems for me. I was joking around a little with the guy next door and said, "Oh, great, well if you see anyone coming around my house that shouldn't be, you better call the cops!" and he was all, "Are you serious? I am a stoner (as if the smell of skunky good weed emanating off of him wasn't a sure tip-off) and I don't want the cops around MY house!" So in that instance, is it better to just say to each his own and leave it? Because while I don't condone the use of illegal drugs, I also don't want anyone to know that I am the one who tipped off The Fuzz. It is a quandary, for sure.

It has been a good day; I love the Friday on a three-day weekend. And if all goes at least tolerable tomorrow, I will be out of the old house FOR GOOD. We are all really looking forward to having this three day weekend to finish getting the house in order; my room is still in a bit of a shambles because it is the stow-all for the boxes that aren't unpacked yet, so I am excited to finally be able to clean it out and set it up the way I want it to be. I am also looking forward to having some time to take Owen and Sam to the playground at the school nearby, and Jacquie is coming over to put the border up in the bathroom (we went with a jungle theme and found the cutest bathroom set EVER). I am also now within walking distance of my favorite used bookstore/coffee shop, so I may take a stroll down there with ten bucks in my pocket. Janet gave me another bookshelf, and I only have one shelf filled up. Did I say I am an addict? All in all, I am feeling pretty good today; nothing outstanding, nothing terrible, just pretty content. Which is such a wonderful, quiet feeling that I just feel grateful.


Mr Lady said...

If you go to that movie, I will come to your house and spank you. Not in the good way, either. That girl needs to be A GIRL. Let her have her date. Let her see that you applaud her and support her in trying to just live her life. Especially now, she needs her wings.

Period, schmeariod. That's why god made showers.

The appt thing is annoying, but pick your battles. If you can make it, make it. If you can't, just tell'm you're sorry, that you have three other kids, and no sitter.

Yes, you can PW a post on Blogger. I'll see if I can't remember how to do it.

TnAHurst said...

well I dont know if you'll ever tell me what that post said but i'd like to know!!! anyway dont know if you can make it private or not and i'm sure if you sneek in the movie and sit on the other side of the theater she'll never know:)

April said...

I second everything MR Lady said. Except for that last part about pword protected posts. I have no clue. And I love you.

Kel said...

Hang in there...Mr. Lady is right, she should be allowed to go on a date...maybe it will be good for her to feel like you trust her after all thats been going on, maybe she will feel like she has control over some part of her life instead of random crappiness...its hard, but you should let her try.
Hope you have a much better weekend!!
Happy Valentines Day!!

Xbox4NappyRash said...

If you find out the password protest thing for blogger tell me, I'd love to do it just to freak people out.

Stay away from the movie, dammit.

and I have a hypothetical thingy for you on the illegal drugs thing I must get your wisdom on.

tutugirl1345 said...

I'm with Mr. Lady. You cannot go to that movie. She won't speak to you for a week!

Actually, I may just have to say "ditto" to Mr. Lady's entire comment :)

Have a great weekend fixing up your room! Its always such a great feel to see rooms coming together.

Tara R. said...

yeah, just throwing in my mommy 2-cents... don't go to the movie, and the period thing... seriously, that's not a problem that can't be worked around.

Hope you and yours have a great weekend. said...

1. Google "how to do protected posts on Blogger" and see what it tells you. Gotta be some usable info on there somewhere.
2. Yeah, probably going to the same movie is just a wee bit over the line... ;-)
3.Your therapist is totally NOT working out for me... For this reason, you should probably fire her. LOL No, really, I do not like her attitude. But, do you?
4.Blaming the dog is a constant way out of almost anything, from missing food to sudden farty smells. I say use this to your best advantage.
5.Well, this sucks big ones. I mean it's not like you're disappointed they won't be reliable babysitters, so you can't call them. You'd just like to think that if your house were being burglarized or on fire, they would call the cops. I mean how hard is it to be THAT minimally responsible? I think just tell them that you hope their house never catches on fire, cause you might forget to call... Though, that probably wouldn't bother them too much... ;-)
And finally, it's great to hear you are acquiring furniture and feeling so...settled in. Your house and your skin. ;-)

Xondapfft said...

Even if you were to click edit and put your secret post in HTML and copy it and paste it on another blog and make that other blog private by clicking the permission button in settings *phew* The Sons of Xenu will still be able to read it as easily as we can read Kel's mind up there.

Kel, you are such a naughty woman!

Lynn said...

Do NOT go to the movie. I repeat, do NOT go to the movie!!!

Hope you get lots of time to work on your room and make it your own little sanctuary.

Have a great weekend.

Julie said...

If you password posts, I'd register and enter a password to read them.

How did the date go?!

FreedomFirst said...

You can never have too many books.

You CAN crowd your daughter to the point that she will hide her dates from you.

You jinxed me, lol. I got mine this weekend too.

Laura said...

My daughter "requests" that I not even go to another movie at the movie theater she goes to with friends, I could not imagine the how red and teary she would get if I said I would be in the same movie theater as her and a boy. At some point, we need to attempt to trust them. Or, think back to ourselves at that age.

On the appointment thing, I bet this is a doctor with an ego and that ego has trickled down to the staff who think they can bully the clients. Sorry, not clients, paying customers who are always right.

Shiona said...

I'm sorry but the movie thing was great. I would do the same thing if it were a different movie (and I'd be way in the back) just cause I'm nosy like that.

WTF with the appointment. The day of and then she acts like it shouldn't be an issue. Really?

Sorry about your period but glad you found a great bookstore and can finish getting the house in order. Yay for three day weekends!

Genie said...

Egads...if I were 15 and my mother went to the same movie as me and my date, I would die. Positively die. Let her go to her movie. If you really feel the need to be a bit chaperonesque, find another movie with a similar start and end time, a movie that you in fact actually want to see, and just let her know you'll be around if she needs you. Then do everything you can do to be INVISIBLE. She's going to be fine, and she's going to have a great time. And if you're not over-protective, she might even share some details with you at the end of the date! :-)