Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Some Bling (a word that makes me laugh out loud)

Kick Ass Blogger Award

Do you guys see that award up there? Yeah. nice, isn't it? I have been coveting it-I really have. Partly because I like to have a little profanity every now and again, but mostly because it means that someone likes me. The person who bestowed this honor on me is one of my favorites, and has been from very nearly the beginning. You know, the kind of person who is fucking amazing and also a little intimidating and the one whose blogroll you frequently check to see if you have made it up there yet, because then it means you have "arrived?" Yeah. That one. So a heartfelt thank you goes out to Tara over at If Mom Says Okay. I love this blog; I love this woman.

I read and like so many blogs that I assumed it would be easy to pick five to give this to, but I am finding it much more difficult than I thought. However, there were three that immediately popped into my head, so here goes.

1. If you guys have not yet been there, please check out XBox4NappyRash. He is one of the first blogs I started reading, partly because he has cartoon sperm on his page-THAT is cool, no doubt. He and his wife are struggling with infertility, and he has written about the trials and problems and processes with a self-deprecating humor that is...well. Here is a choice example of his writing:

"Now, let me take a minute to gash my wrists and grab the salt shaker. I've insanely and inanely rambled on before about how I believe we are being mocked by nature. Well, these little froggy horny green bastards were not satisfied in deafening us with their incessant copulation and production of masses of frog spawn, but now it seems that they are playing happy families too."
And this is just one bit; you will have to go visit to get the full effect. This man's writing is excellent, excellent enough that he conveys exactly how much this is taking a toll on him, his wife, their mental health, their relationship. He made me cry today, which God knows isn't an easy thing for anyone to do, and for that alone, he deserves this award. Thank you, XBox, for sharing your parts (and ET's, too!) with all of us. You truly ARE kick ass, and I love you.

2. Ian over at Single Parent Dad is my next recipient. I actually haven't been reading him long, just a few months, but I really like him. I like the fact that he is just like the rest of us single moms, only without breasts. I hope. The circumstances behind his single parenthood are different, but the feelings are similar, and sometimes underneath the matter of fact tone, I can almost hear confusion and pain-and again, humor. I don't wish PAIN on anyone, but I love that there are so many of us who are just getting through it all one day at a time, and sharing these different little tidbits of our lives with one another, and muddling through as best as we can. Also, the fact that there is joy and beauty and comfort in the midst of it all-that is pretty powerful stuff.

3. yeah, totally...right? Sully Sullivan is probably the funniest blogger out there. If you are looking for the same kind of sensitive-yet-manly content that you will find in the above two, DON'T go here. This man is capable of being vulnerable and insecure, which I love in a guy-but I have only seen one post indicating this, and he deleted it almost immediately. Which for some reason made the rest of his blog even funnier. He rant and raves some, which I also love, and has these really great links to time-wasting sites, does some funny polls, and basically gives me a good belly laugh every time he posts. He does not have any awards on his site as of yet, but I suspect he just doesn't put them up-and that is okay with me, because he is STILL a Kick Ass Blogger whether he has the button up or not.

This is where it gets a little dicey for me, because there are so many great ones out there, and so many of the people I love to read have already gotten this one. Therefore, I am going to break the rules just a smidgen and post the other two next week. For you three manly men above, you are now supposed to go pick up your award here, and make your choices. Congrats to all of you-you have added something huge to my life, and I thank you.

I have also updated my blogroll; check it out, there are a few new faves on there. And if you aren't on there and think you should be, let me know. I sometimes forget.


FreedomFirst said...

Lol, that is one cool award. You SO deserve it.

I keep meaning to ask this, and I never do: How do I put the links to my favorite blogs on the side of my page like you do? I have looked around in "Blogspot Home" and can't seem to figure it out. I suppose I could email them and ask.... but I'm so lazy.... hehe. :)

Xbox4NappyRash said...

What a bitch!

I jest. Kori, you have continuously been supportive even when there very often is nothing left to say.

I can not thank you enough for that alone.

Your kind words here make me ashamed for feeling sorry for myself.

Thank you so fucking much.

SPD is a role model, full stop.

Sully, I KEEP forgetting to go back to but when I do I laugh, and he's man enough to show a compassionate side when he visits other blogs very different to his own. Very good choices.

THopgood said...

Congrats! You deserve it!

I'm off to read the linked blogs...

Tara R. said...

I'm glad you liked my little present. Yours was an easy pick. Now I have go check out your selections. I know xbox, but the other two are new. Mwah!

Dingo said...

Yeah, Kori! You definitely deserve this. See how hard it is to pick just five?

April said...

Not only a kick-ass blogger, but you're a kick ass person. In that, I'm SO grateful we're friends instead of enemies, because you could TOTALLY kick my ass!

Single Parent Dad said...

Well done Kori and cheers for ringing endorsement. I'm really glad you found me, and me you. Top Blogging.

And as for having breasts, we'll just ignore my man-boobs (moobs) shall we?

Xbox, if I'm a role model the world is truely on its arse.

Xbox4NappyRash said...

SPD the world IS on it's arse.

JT said...

"Partly because I like to have a little profanity every now and again"
Congratulations Kori! You definitely deserve it!

Sully Sullivan said...


It's an honor. Thank you very much for the kind words.

Also, thanks for the kind words, too Nappy...very much appreciated. Your blog is courageous and honest and I can't tell you how much respect I have for you having the balls to lay it all out there on a daily basis.

Sully Sullivan said...

Oh, and congrats on getting this award yourself, Kori. You definitely deserve it. I really hope it has cheered you a bit amidst all the drama lately.

Jennifer said...

Congrats on your award! I will definitely check out those blogs!

LarryG said...

first time stalker here - but -- i like the way you "Bling"
and the picture of the baby with the eyes absolutely rocks!

glad to meet a fellow frog lover also... - so how many did you have to kiss...?

and top the whole thing a Lamott-ist
well you are scoring very high on the f-n amazing - no wonder "Mom said OKAY"

Chaos - it's the new monkey