Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday Fragments

For more of these delicious little insights into the minds of some pretty amazing people, check out Mrs. 4444 over at Half Past Kissin' Time. Also, she gives out an award of sort for the best Friday Fragment, and I personally think it is worth the effort to try to get it just so my name would be on her blog. Because she is that cool.

**People say sea gulls are disgusting birds, but I would have to say that pigeons take the cake for me. There was another puker outside the bar the other night, and the pigeons have been rooting around for the choicest morsels. I may never eat poultry again.

**I didn't know Maddie Spohr at all, had never, in fact, heard of her until the last couple of days, and I can't read any more about her. Because it fucking sucks.

**There are lessons to be learned in every experience. Since November when my daughter was molested, the legal hassles and dealing with the slow-moving and unjust justice system, I have learned to control my temper and be conscious of my words-and how they might sound-in ways I never have before. This is a good thing, but a lesson I would rather not have learned in this manner, thank you very much.

**It is April's birthday today. She is such an amazing woman, and any of my regular readers know that I not only love her, but that she is as close to me as my own skin. I swear I do NOT know how I would have made it through the last couple of years without her in my life, and in fact I don't know how I managed without her before I knew her. I love you, April.

**In talking with my friend J. about the fact that CF is violating the terms of his release on bail, I said, "It isn't my job to get him in trouble." She replied with, "But it REALLY isn't your job to not get him in trouble." That made me think that on some level, I am still afraid of all of this. I mean, I know where he goes, I know that I could probably call him in at least twice a week, but my first reaction is to just stay away from that particular place. Even though that makes US the prisoner, not him. I thought I was taking the high road and being all, "I just have to let him dig his own hole," but in reality I have been in a sense protecting him. There is no high road here. Fucker. No more.

** Eli has delightful friends. Two of them came over last night and I overheard that E. has a way cooler mom than theirs. So they get to come back.

**I finally found a CD that I have been looking for for freaking EVER, and instead of using my gift card balance on the book Sam wanted, I ordered the CD. And now I fell guilty. WTF is wrong with me?

Okay, you have had a taste of MY sick mind, now head on over to see all of the others.


April said...

Being conscious of our words - that's one I'm working on as well.
Thanks for the bday wishes. I love you, and you of course described it so beautifully: as close as my own skin. That's how I feel, too.
I love what J said about CF. And absolutely agree.
You ARE a cool mom. And a great one, at that.

Dingo said...

There is no high road here. Fucker. No more.

Yeah! are a cool mom.

MindyMom said...

I agree; you should call that jerk in!

So sad about that little girl.

Don't you love it when your kids friends set them straight! ;)

Gonna go wish April a Hapy B-day now. Thanks for the heads up.

Have a good weekend.

Caitlin said...

The pigeons and the puke? Disgusting. Almost made me stop eating these chocolate easter eggs.

I'm sorry to hear about your daughter. It sounds like you are a strong woman and mother!

Rachael said...

Yay, cool mom status! Excellent.

Enjoy your new CD. Get the book from the library. You deserve it!

Xbox4NappyRash said...

I wonder what Eli could have told his buddies to make them think you were so cool, eh?

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha I love it when you talk about pigeons and puke.

FreedomFirst said...

Eeewwwwwww about the pigeons. Nasty! Although, if you are considering giving up poultry, the videos of the conditions chickens are raised in by the big food companies are enough to do that. What those poor things eat is worse than vomit any day.

I'll have to hop over and wish April happy birthday. Thanks for the tip! And of COURSE you are cooler than the other kids' moms. :D

Mrs4444 said...

Okay, I haven't even read your post yet but am already smiling and laughing from the intro! :) You're a sweetheart.

Mrs4444 said...

I loved the pigeon comment last time you mentioned it, but the added end comment today did it for me this time; LOL! There are so many gems this week (and I've only read half of them) that I'm going to do a special post featuring all of my faves.

Yes, that Maddie story; heartbreaking. I don't know April, but she sounds like someone I should meet. Off I go!~

Mrs4444 said...

P.S. Kori, thanks for putting my button up! :)

Shiona said...

That whole pigeon thing was disgusting! I agree they are the nastiest birds.

WTG on becoming a cool mom and glad you could find the CD!

So sad to hear about Maddie. It's so heartbreaking...