Sunday, May 25, 2008

Music Hath Charms...

I have been messing around with figuring out how to embed a playlist on the blog, and as you can see, I now have two; one on the side bar, one at the very bottom. I actually came in to the office on a weekend in order to mess around with them, going through all sorts of songs and picking out which ones just HAVE to be included...and the list keeps growing. I have a specific memory or, perhaps more importantly, feeling associated with every single song on my list, which has been a little bit scary. I know that certain smells can trigger the same feeling, and I know that songs can as well, for everyone; I am not unique in that respect. However, in going through all of this, I have been almost assaulted with memories and feelings, and it is almost sensory overload.

To pinpoint a few: The Pixies. You guys remember them? The one song, "Here Comes Your Man" was on the first album by them that I ever heard. It was given to me by my friend J. (of the horny bear fame, you can see an earlier post if you don't know the story), handed over in our French class, and I went home and heard this song. Alone in my room, I listened to it, and felt, in that young teenaged naivete, that somehow J. was trying to tell me something. I cringe as I think about it now, but that is how it felt then.

There there is Exile; "I Want to Kiss You All Over." I lived on the Air Force Academy, second grade, and this song used to come on every single morning on our way to school. It was the first time I ever "got" that it was a slightly naughty song. There is a smell associated with this one, too: little yellow flowers that smell like cinnamon, wafting through the open windows of the car.

Tool: "The Pot" I love the bass. I saw this group in concert in December and I was totally floored. You need a really good stereo system, with a lot of bass, to get the full effect, but just listen. If you are AT ALL a music aficionado, you have to at least appreciate the talent, if not love the music. For me, it is both. At the concert, which was the most awe-inspiring event I have been to, I felt the music in my bones. This song in particular. And then Steve and I went to Taco Bell at midnight, went back to the hotel and ate and had excellent sex. All part of the memory.

I could go through every song on the list and have something to tell you about them, but I won't do that to you. What I AM going to do is ask you to go through. Pick one song to listen to. Just one, on either list, and then tell me what you think. Each one of them will tell you more about me than any meme would, or ten posts. Come on-it'll be fun.


hugabug1 said...

Thanks, Kori! I just took a great trip down memory lane. I hadn't heard Brick by Ben Folds Five in years. I remembered that I liked the song but couldn't remember the song itself. From there I went on to several other old favorites I hadn't heard in several years including (but not limited to) One Week by BareNaked Ladies, Lullaby by Shawn Mullins, various songs by Third Eye Blind, Smash Mouth, The Wallflowers, Matchbox 20 and many more.

Xbox4NappyRash said...

Wow wow wow.

I don't mention it much but I LOVE my music.
Cat Stevens, Eddie Vedder, postal service all gave me the shivers.

Check out the Iron & Wine version of such great heights.

You picked my favourite white stripes tracks.

Tiny Dancer is probably one of my most favourite songs ever(dunno about that dodgy Tim McGraw version though).

Fallen, Learning to fly, and all the pretenders ones take me back.

Loved it.

CableGirl said...

OH man how I LOVE Tool. One of my favorite bands for sure.

And I too totally dug the Pixies. Talk about a band way ahead of their time.

So, with all your messing about with play lists.... any idea how to embed single songs in single posts? I was thinking about investigating that avenue so I could attach a single song to a Music Monday post. Since you've already done all the research, do you mind if I stand on your shoulders, Ms. Giant?

Kori said...

Cablegirl: I haven't figured that one out yet, but hey, if I do, I will let you know!:)

jt said...

It's funny, but you don't realize how integral music is to your everyday life. Every time I hear "Hooked On A Feeling" it takes me back to being 11 years old, and driving across the country for the annual family reunion, and all my aunt would listen to for the whole drive was BJ Thomas. We're talking from Phoenix, to Pennsylvania, to Michigan, and back. It's amazing I still like that song.

What happened to your blog? This just seem like the woman with the red boots!

April said...

Well, you know I'm a total music nerd that knows nothing of current music, but seeing Joe Cocker's name on there sure brings back memories of being fresh out of high school and thinking I knew everything!

Tara R. said...

Genesis - Follow You, Follow Me... I've been a huge Genesis fan since before Phil Collins. I remember the band with Peter Gabriel was the front man. This one just reminds me of high school... those really were fun days. Thanks!

Mr Lady said...

Do I remember the Pixies? PLEASE, woman? I have, like, ALL of their albums. (Because I am old enough to still call them albums, see? THAT'S why I love them) :)