Thursday, February 21, 2008

We had an earthquake this morning; rather, a neighboring state had the earthquake, we had a very noticeable aftershock. It was actually quite funny; Steve and I were both standing in the kitchen and felt the first light movement and in unison yelled, "Sam, stop jumping around in there!" It wasn't Sam jumping, which was quickly obvious. Owen was already dancing around and stumbled and fell (laughing all the the while), and the dishwasher was moving; I actually felt like I had the beginnings of an inner ear infection for a minute, it was that hard. My Sam, who for years has been insisting that if he stands really still and closes his eyes, he can feel the earth move (as in rotate), came marching into the kitchen with a look of disgust, crying out, "I TOLD you that I can feel the earth move!" He is such a Drama King that it struck us all as hilarious, at which point he turned around and left the room in a huff.

That was pretty much the excitement for the day; there have been a lot of odd things going on the past ocuple of days, though, and I am not sure what is going on or why I feel the way I do. It started with a book, which led to a petition to the Universe about something that is really, really important to me, which has in turn led to a feeling of peace deep inside me. Believe me, this is so not a normal feeling for me; I am pretty close to The Big Guy, we have running conversations all of the time, but in a general sense I like to feel like I can, perhaps, do a better job. Because, you know, He is awfully busy, with more important problems than mine, and since I know what is best for me, maybe I should just take some of it back; you know, to help Him out a little. And of course THAT always works out well for me, right? But this book(Eat, Pray, Love) had once really great part about sending a petition out to the Universe and having (mentally) people sign it; so I did that, and a ton of people put their John Hancock on it, and ever since then, well, I have felt peace.

Feeling comfortable with today is a constant struggle for me; like my friend April said in her post today, I also spend a lot of time waiting for the other shoe to drop. I don't know why I am not doing that now, and I also know that if I question it to much, I will surely mind-fuck myself right back into feeling like maybe I can run my life better than He can. And again, that has worked out SO well for me in the past, right? I went home for lunch, though, and the sun is warm for the first time in months, I had some really great soup and bread to eat, and I am really feeling quite content with life. For this day, for this moment, I can actually say that I am happy.

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Ty's Dad said...

Hiya. Thanks for stopping by our blog. Have never been in an earthquake personally. And some were hoping for some large jolts coming out of the debate tonight here in Austin, but it wasn't very turbulent. Cheers.