Thursday, June 4, 2009

Questions For You, My Dear Readers

A few questions for you people. Perhaps you may remember that I have been talking about a give away, and my move to a new place in the blog-world, and perhaps you may be thinking, "What the fuck? What a FLAKE!" because I haven't actually gotten it accomplished. Rest assured, it is all still in the works, and with hope by next week I will be able to do it. So in an effort to involve all of you, my ever-faithful readers, in this process (meaning I am moving and I don't have a pickup; can I borrow yours? And your strong back?), I am going to put out a few feelers and find out what you think. Keeping in mind that it is still my blog and I am going to keep writing it whether all of you come along for the ride or not, I would like some input on the following things:

1. Is it better to have several different pages to go through? Say, a photo page, and a Kori Dispenses Useless Parenting Advice, and a regular main page...? What are you more likely to read? What do you want to hear more about?

2. When I post the questions for my give away (and I will post photos of the items up for grabs over the weekend), would you rather have multiple choice guess or would you rather have to figure out the answers cold? Be aware, there will be none of this, "Every time you comment you get 3 entries and if you follow me that is 6 more and if you refer a friend you get a free set of knives" shit. Not that there is anything wrong with that, other than I am a simple person. The one who gets the most answers right wins. Period. If more than one person gets the same number of answers right, I will put your names on a piece of paper and let someone draw it. And no, April you are still not eligible to play.

3. Do any of you actually listen to any of the songs when a person posts a play list?

4. What should I do with my hair? Because sorry Rachael, I am just about 32 seconds away from getting dreads. And I don't think I am kidding.

5. Do you like me to respond to your comments? If so, would you come back in to the post to see if I have responded, or do you like to have them emailed? Mr. Lady asked her readers the same question, so I am thieving it from her.

Any other thoughts and ideas you might have, please let me know. I really and truly DO want to know what you think, because even though it is MY blog, I want to make sure YOU come back. And yes, I am pimping myself here. And if it were me, I would pick me up and pay me. Just sayin.'

On another note entirely, I hate the words "booty call" and Baby Mama/Daddy. they make me, how should I say it, want to vomit. Also, there is a really funny post up over the Rocky Mountains Mom Blog this morning about Pregnancy and Weight Gain; well worth the read. Head on over to Anna's place and check out the new addition to their house; it makes my ovaries scream to see the plump deliciousness that has taken up residence there. I found a new blog that I think kicks some serious ass. Check it out here. She looks to be a new blogger, so go check her out and say hi. She is really, really good. Last but certainly far from least, April has a GREAT post up over at the LA Moms Blog.


Mr Lady said...

I'd just really like it if I could make a phone date and NOT flake on it. Sorry, dude. I have a good excuse.

TnAHurst said...

1. I like going to one pg its faster and more simpler to navigate through.
2. I think you should mix it up a lil and have multiple choice and just have to answer.
3. Yes I listen to the music.
4. Maybe cut it up to your chin
5. Yes if you ever have a thought to comment on my comments please email me cos I dont go through everyone elses comments very often.

Did you mean baby mama like the movie type of a thing? cos i didnt get that

Mnemosyne said...

I like the idea of having a couple different pages on your blog and multiple choice question on the quiz. I'm intrigued!

April said...

I'll give you the same answer I gave Mr Lady. I like the emails.
I hate the music playing on people's blogs. It interferes with my music!
I think an About Me page in addition to the main page is good. Sometimes I go through those when I end up on a new blog. I still have blog design envy. And I still love you, even though you won't let me play.

Lynn said...

I'll pretty much read whatever and wherever you write. I don't listen to the music cause I usually have my own playing and I'm kind of a fan of everything on one page.

And the pic of your fridge with duct tape? Awesome!! Steve is a genius. I would never ever have thought of that.

Briya said...

1. I don't listen to music because usually I'm at work
2. I like a separate about page, especially if you've got lots you wanna say.
3. I love multiple guess :)
4. And please respond to my comments in e-mail.

The hair...? I love haircuts!

Julie@My5monkeys said...

I don't mind music or multiple pages..mix it up a bit. I'll follow you just to keep up with you.I like comments in email too.

Ms. Moon said...

Same page. I like dreads. I don't need anything. I can't listen to music and read or write at the same time. I like the comments on the comment page because then I can see what the dialogue is all about. And I CAN'T READ ANY MORE BLOGS! I AM CRAZY WITH BLOG READING!

michelle said...

Honestly, since I AM brand spanking new to bloggland I kinda don't know what any of those options mean. I don't listen to anyone's playlist because if it's less than 25 years old, my ears can't take it.
Thank you for the mention.
Wherever you end up, I'll keep reading

GypsiAdventure said...

1. pages
2. depends - if the answers are pretty easy to figure out like "whats my middle name" then no multiple guess, but if its like whats my favorite food - and you really like mexican but you could be looking for something like tacos...then yeah, multiple guess.
3. Sometimes I listen...if I'm looking for new music, I tend to come back to check out the playlist
4. don't know about the hair - I'm always changing mine so good luck!
5. I like to have comments emailed..oh I still come back, but I don't want to go thru old comments just to see if you wrote back because what if you didn't and I came back for like a week hoping you would comment...(nah, not really that desperate) :)

Julie said...

1. I also like one page, but I agree that a separate "about me" page is awesome. Dooce's cousin GEORGE! has a "Cast of Characters" page that is pretty cool too. That's where he lists everyone he mentions in his blog and what his relationship with that person is.
2. Mix it up with multiple choice and essay questions. :)
3. No, I don't listen to music on blogs.
4. Find a stylist who is artistic and can tell you what will look best on you.
5. Comment replies are best through email because I usually don't go back to posts to read comments subsequent to mine.

Dingo said...

In regards to #1, I never click over. It's too time consuming -- I know, I know, it's just a click but still, I like everything on one page. I do click over and read the About Me pages though.

As to #3, I don't listen to playlists because I'm either in an office or have my own music on. But whatever you decide on this, please, please don't go with autoplay. One of the most jarring things is to click onto someone's blog and have music play automatically. Especially if they don't have an "off" button!

#4 Dreads would be sooo cool.

#5 The blogs that respond to comments in the comments are the ones I go back to several times a day. I like seeing what's being discussed and for most of the blogs I read it seems to add a little extra something -- like you're part of a community.

Dreamybee said...

Ugh, I HATE baby mama/daddy too. It's like trying to make accidental pregnancies hip and cool. They're not. Deal with it. Also, don't kids need "mothers" and "fathers"? How is a kid supposed to have any respect at all for his parents if all he grows up hearing is "Your baby daddy this," and "Your baby daddy that," all the time?


1. I would rather have one main page where everything posts. I don't want to have to go hunting around to see if something new has been posted somewhere, but that's just me.

2. Either way.

3. I don't usually listen to playlists because a) I can't read and listen to music with words at the same time and b) the playlists that play automatically when you load a page usually don't change very often so every time you go to the blog or refresh a page, you hear the same song over and over again.

4. I have no idea.

5. Yes, I like responses to my comments, but sometimes I'll make it back to the blog to check for them, sometimes I don't. The email thing confuses me. If the author of a blog emails me a response to my comment, am I supposed to email back, or is the blogger just being polite and emailing me a rhetorical comment, as it were? Am I over-thinking this?

Tara R. said...

I have several pages under my header. I use them to keep my sidebar uncluttered, and visitors can check them out if they want... or not.

I don't like music on a blog cuz it's usually so loud, I always turn it off.

I also like responses to my comments ~ emails or on site, but from experience I know how time consuming that can become.

Mrs4444 said...

Okay, well I look forward to checking out those links, but first, to answer your questions:

1) I like one page with no more than two columns. I like clean, rather than cluttered, but that's just me. That said, I do think having tabs is nice. A tab for the topic of the court stuff (after it's been posted on the main page) might be nice, for new peeps to catch up.

2) I agree with TnaHurst-mix it up.
3) No, I hate the music, and I resent having to search around for the player to turn it off. Mostly, though, I just keep my volume off so that I never hear it.

4) Ask your oldest daughter what she thinks you should do with your hair. Maybe?

5) I don't expect comments, but I enjoy them, sent via email. I don't go back to blogs to check if my comment has been replied to. If I really, really am dying for an answer and I'm not sure you'll email it, I'll subscribe to follow-up comments.

Rachael said...

1. I think it's nice to have a couple of different pages if you have enough content. If I had different pages, I'd have one for entertainment/reviews and one for my weight loss stuff. But I am totally too lazy and busy at the same time to deal with going to wordpress right now. I guess I wonder, would your RSS include the items from ALL pages? I would want to be able to have a feed for everything you post. Because I love you. I definitely think an about me page & a 'favorite posts' or something like that are really good to have, and useful for new readers!

2. I don't know, how hard are the questions? Ha. I think cold is more fun than multiple choice.

3. No. And I hate it when I go to a page and it automatically plays music. It drives me insane. I'm much more likely to pay attention if you do a post about songs you've been enjoying lately.

4. Kori, it's the devil. He wants to you give up. Don't give up. What is your hair like now? I am a fan of the very short-ness, especially in summer. I hate hair on my neck. I say, chop it!

5. I never, ever go back to check posts I've been commenting on. If the reply doesn't come in e-mail I don't see it. I have a billion things in my feedreader already, I don't have time to remember every place I commented and go back and check. Now, I know that some blogs (like Avitable) have it where it e-mails me when he posts a reply to my comment, but I don't have to actually subscribe to comments. That is cool. But I have no idea how he does that.