Monday, June 15, 2009


Well folks, apparently blogger has decided that I have loafed around here, taking up valuable web space and not paying them an ever-loving dime, long enough. They have told me to get up off my ass and go somewhere else, much like I told my deadbeat second husband.** So I have moved over to this spot, the new and much improved see kori rant. Special thanks go out to JT over at The Goth Mom for the web space, to the ever-lovely Mr.Lady for basically getting the site up and running, and a really, really heartfelt thank you to Judith Shakespeare for the web design; it is perfect.

So head on over to the new place. Wander around, check it out. I hope you love it almost as much as I do, and I hope you will all continue along with me on this journey called life.

**In actuality, blogger has been a really great place for me to get my feet wet; they have served me well, it's just time to move forward.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Fragments

Friday Fragments?
Do you all know Mrs.4444? If not, go check her out and join in with the Friday Fragmenters. Lots of fun, you might get a cool little award, and hey; your name will be on a cool blog. What better way to start out a Friday?

***We got a squirrel feeder for Christmas last year, and we have a ton of squirrels where we live. We don't, however, have a tree from which to hang said feeder. So Steve hung it up on the railing on the front porch. Does anyone else see a potential problem with this arrangement, or is it just me?

***I have decided that MySpace is, in fact, evil. I had to go in and delete Hannah's profile last night, for reasons better left unsaid on the blog (for fear I will get chastised for my fucked up parenting abilities), and did you know that you can use a fake email address to set up an account? Nice. And I have also found out that no matter how vigilant one is about supervising computer use, kids up to no good will find a way to circumvent that. Like, sneak quietly upstairs at oh-dark-thirty, use the bathroom and NOT flush so as not to notify anyone that you are, in fact, up, then get on the PC and go to town. Thank heavens Steve is a light sleeper; 'nuff said.

***I have been working with some really great people on the new blog layout (and when I say working with I really mean they have done all the work and I nod my head), and it will be up and running very, very soon. Once it is, I present the questions for my Blogwarming Party; I bet you can't wait! I am a little (lot) nervous about launching this new space; it's as if I am publicly declaring that I take this blogging stuff seriously. Yikes.

***Who says blogging doesn't create real friendships? Yesterday I received a little package in the mail from one of my favorite bloggers in the world, with a lovely handmade card and some homemade soap. It was just what I needed yesterday, and this woman just amazes me. If you don't know her yet, please go see her; her words will awe you every single day.

***I saw a blackbird/crow/raven (whichever) this morning as I was having my coffee. It swooped down off the power line and in the sunlight looked almost blue, it was so black. They like the rain, these big black birds, because there are so many tasty little morsels popping up everywhere. Sometimes they sit on my fence and eye the rabbit; perhaps the squirrel feeder on the front porch is that bad an idea after all.

For more Friday Fragments, click on the link above and it will take you right to where the good are. Have fun!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Trusting the Journey

Every morning in my email I get a Thought For The Day from Hazelden; sometimes it echoes what I have already read in my meditation books at home, sometimes it is irrelevant to what is going on with me at that moment, and sometimes it is really a kick in the ass. Today was a kick in the ass kind of day, because it was all about trusting the process. I read it, and read it again, and I thought, "OK, FINE," to God, rather hostilely (because no matter how much I believe in him and trust him to figure out what is best for me, well, sometimes I don't. And want to take hold and see if I can manage it by myself. Because that has worked SO well for me in the past, right?). The last line of the meditation was, "The time we most need to trust the journey is when it looks like we can't," and that is the part that really hit me. "When it looks like we can't..."

Story of my life. I mean, really. I have the opposite of the Midas Touch, meaning everything I touch turns into shit instead of gold (and bonus points and undying respect to anyone who knows the book in which I found that!) Which really isn't true, you know, far from it, but that is how it feels sometimes. And those of you who are regular readers have been privy to a lot of really odd and sometimes terrible events in my life over the last year. It had been a journey, all of it, and in looking back, I can see how much I have learned, and changed, and I hope grown. So why is it so hard to trust that same process now?

It feels like my life is changing again, on a variety of levels. The stress and anger and fear with regards to CF has begun to abate, and while his imminent guilty plea is a good thing, it has also brought up some really conflicting feelings in me. These, I have to deal with, simply because I have no control over the outcome; I never have, of course, but I have been able to mask some of the feelings brought forth by this simply by focusing on what needed to be done and DOING it. Now the time has come to start sorting through all of the different layers of emotions, and move forward with healing for Hannah, for me, for my family. This is a good thing, no doubt-but requires me to resolve some deep-seated issues that I would much prefer to keep buried, thankyouverymuch. Not really, but digging up the past and re-burying it in a more more pleasant and peaceful resting place is hard work, and I am not sure that I am up to the task. This is where trusting the journey really starts coming in to play; trusting that every step I need to take is going to be made known to me, even when it seems really dark and uncertain.

I am also beginning down a different road in other ways, treading a path I never thought to walk again. It is different this time, I am different this time, but that doesn't stop me from being terrified. I have been down this road before and it led only to heartbreak; can I do this again, holding onto all that I have learned and letting go of past hurts and disappointments? I don't know the answer to that, so again, I have to trust the journey. Trust the process.

Trust. If I believe in a loving God, which most of the time I do (unless I am pissed off and yelling at him, but even then I know he is there), why is it so hard to trust that I will be given what I need just when I need it? Time and time again, over and over, he has provided me with either the tools or the instruction book or a handyman who totally knows the ropes in order to get to the next step. Every.Single.Time. And yet every time in my life where I am faced with uncertainty or fear, I fail to believe that he will do it again. Talk about a major character defect, this obsessive need I have to be in control! And it isn't even that so much as it is that I don't trust that good things will happen to me. I really and truly don't. Rationally, I know that I am worthy of love, that I am capable of loving, that I have the potential to do great things; at the same time, so much of my life has been, well, NOT like that, that is hard for me to trust that this time things are going to be different. To trust that in my heart of hearts I know what I am doing, that God gave me this heart, this mind, this body to use.

I can do this. I can take each step necessary to move forward, in relation to everything that is changing in my life. I can; I have found reservoirs of strength and power I never knew existed in the last year, and I have found that I can be gentle and forgiving with my love instead of using it as a weapon. I have found that I am weak and needy, but that when I let myself, I can have friends who will left me up during those times. I have found, too, that it hurts a lot more to carry around anger and bitterness than it does to take risks with a fragile heart; love is so much lighter. I have found a power inside myself that no longer scares me because I don't have to use it to batter my way through life, but can instead use it the way I am supposed to-to keep moving forward.

And I trust (today at least) that even when the days of doubt and fear and self-loathing and despair arrive-because they are inevitable, part of this thing called life-well, I just trust that they will pass. I trust that I will then be given all I need to see it through and keep getting up to face each day as it comes. I trust the friends that I have-April and Jacquie, Steve and Rob (who called me from TENNESSEE last night on vacation to make sure that Hannah and I were okay), Janet and Camille, and all of you Internet people who are as good of friends as anyone could hope to have in real life AND online-to be there to lift me up when the dark days arrive. To see me through, just like they all have this past year.

Trust the journey. Trust the process. I am on my way.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Unexpected Court News

I had just walked in the door from lunch yesterday when I got a phone call from the prosecutor's office; he was all like, "So, this is X from the prosecutor's office, how are you today?" Now, I don't generally consider calls from him good things, so I very cautiously said, "I don't know, you tell me how I am." He said, "Well, maybe pretty good...CF just made us a deal, and I need to talk to you about it before I give them the go ahead." I about fell over and died from shock and surprise, as with the trial coming up so quickly we all sort of gave up on the idea of him offering any kind of deal. Since his only defense up to this point has been to say, "I didn't do it," we all figured he would take it all the way to trial and take his chances on a jury.

Not so, my friends, not so. He offered to plea guilty to one felony count Lewd and Lascivious. This carried up to life in prison, but of course part of the deal involved getting as little jail time as possible. They initially proposed probation only, but the prosecutor said,"No, that just isn't going to work." They hammered out some details and this is what we are left with: 120 days in county with no credit for time served (he will most likely get work release) and treatment in whatever sex offender program is deemed necessary by the court, felony probation (which for sex offenders is usually really quite strict). He will have to register as a sex offender, obviously. I had asked for a couple of stipulations, not knowing how it worked; I had asked that the Protective Order be required until Hannah is 18, and J. said,"Oh, no, that will stay in place until he is off probation." So that is good news. My personal request was that he also not be allowed to attend Rupert AA meetings, and J. was very funny and kind when he said, "Oh, well, that isn't usual but I am sure it can be arranged."

So. This is where we are. We go on the 22nd to a hearing where he will change the plea; I am going to make sure Hannah is there, because I think it is really important for her to be able to hear him say out loud, in court, "Guilty." Sentencing will not occur for another 8-12 weeks after that, which means his house arrest will stay in effect until then, and during that time there will be the Pre-Sentence Investigation. So in approximately three months or so, there will be a sentencing hearing; at that point, Hannah and I will get to give our Victim's Impact Statements as well.

It isn't perfect; there are a whole lot of other emotions involved in this that I don't want to get into right now, though I will in time. However, for this moment, this day, I am simply going to enjoy the relief that has come from knowing that Hannah is not going to have to testify, and that CF is going to have to publicly say, out loud, "I did this." That? Is sweet.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Bloggers Block?

I have a new post up here. And I have to say that it was hard to even get that one written. Bloggers block, writers block, whatever you want to call it, I am just having a hard time in general lately. Four or five times I have tried to write a letter to a friend only to get about three lines into it before giving it up as a lost cause. My mind is scattered in ten different directions, and pinning even one thought down seems nigh impossible; I can forget stringing all these thoughts together to create anything resembling a coherent post. So it isn't Friday, but you may just get fragments today.

I don't talk about the Octo-Mom simply because I don't give a shit, but I recently got sucked into an online debate about it. I have my opinion, you see, and expressed it. And then I got a reply where this woman was all like, "You are WRONG. Blah fuckety blah, I am going to use all these big words to prove to you that you are wrong because this woman is the devil and blah fuckety blah...." I had to laugh. It is my opinion; how can my opinion be WRONG? So that was the extent of my involvement in this debate. Meh, whatever. For the record, I don't think it is my business how many kids anyone has, or even how they got here. If it is okay for the Duggars or Duggans or whatever their name is, or the Jon and Kate whoever, to have as many kids as they want, then it is okay for everyone. Again, my opinion. I just don't see the point in getting all worked up over stuff that really doesn't make a bit of difference in the greater scheme of things.

There have been some big changes going on at our house this last week, and I think they are good changes but still, changes. I am working really, really hard at simply letting go of control yet again, trying to overcome a lot of my own personal fears and simply trust, but damn, it is SO hard. Just-really hard to adjust to whole new set of circumstances. Keep me and mine in your thoughts.

Despite having told several different people from the LDS church, more than once, that I do not like people to stop by without calling, we had some people-yep, you guessed it-stop by last night. I have also told everyone that not only are we not active, but don't plan on becoming active, but that didn't stop someone from the Relief Society from stopping by the house on Sunday (while I was napping) to drop off some newsletters and stuff. It drives me insane, it really does. The people who stopped by last night are nice enough, I guess, but also clueless. This time I spotted them out the front door so went outside, pointedly NOT inviting them in, but they still showed no signs of getting the "We should go" vibes. Then the woman asked if I got the stupid newsletters and do I want to go to this Progressive Dinner thing and before I could remind myself to be at least polite, I blurted out, "Heavens, no!" I could tell her feelings were a little hurt, but day-um. What is is going to take to get the message across that my house is MY house, and unless you are invited, you need to not come by? Or at least call first? Further, do I have to burn a cross on my lawn in order to make it clear that I am not interested in becoming active? No, I am sure that wouldn't help, because they would simply increase the effort. It falls on deaf ears when I say that I am not interested. I have said it more than once, and I am sure I will have to say it again and again. It is just frustrating to not be heard, you know?

Bah. Summer school for Hannah started today, which is more of a pain than anything else. I fail to see how a two-week session is going to give her all that she needs in order to get credit; if that is the case, if students can learn everything they need to learn in a trimester in two weeks, then why have school at all? Senseless. Still, in order for her to get some of her credits back, she has to go. She will go to two sessions, and will most likely have to go again next summer, but at least she will be able to graduate.

See, nothing much going on, or rather too much to make sense of. The sun is finally shining this morning, so that is good. My flowers are growing like crazy, which makes me happy, even though the rain and gloom is disconcerting for June. I learned how to make sourdough bread over the weekend, AND my bundt cake came out of the pan just beautifully. So life is good, even if I am feeling a little out of sorts just now.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday Fragments-When You Are Too Lazy to Write a Real Post

Friday Fragments?
Come on, it's FRIDAY! Join in with Mrs.4444 and her gang for Friday Fragments. It will only hurt for a minute.

***It has rained so much here that we have mushrooms growing in our back yard. Mushrooms; this is Idaho and where I live is a freaking desert. I keep hoping that they are not poisonous but will maybe make one break out in hives and some slight vomiting; maybe then they neighbors kids will leave my fucking dogs alone.

***Speaking of dogs, the cast fell off the one with the broken leg and oh my good lord in heaven, that.thing.stunk. Not just a mildly offensive odor, but an eye-watering, make-you-want-to-hurl stench. I kept looking for a dead animal under the couch or something (and in my house, that could actually happen), but it was really just her cast.

***Are you all getting excited about the new blog? I know I am. Because, you know, it's mine and I love it. Kind of like the favorite, always well-behaved and looking sweet kid I never had. I read something somewhere at some point where someone said, "Come on, it's just a blog," and that bothered me. Of course it is just a blog, but for me, it is a way to keep working at a mind-numbing desk job without losing my mind.

***If it goes the way it is supposed to, the trial is in 10 days. I am not totally freaked out about it just yet, because there is a part of me that really believes they will postpone it again, but I am more freaked out than I was last week when I wrote almost the exact same thing. It will be good if it does, because this is taking a major toll on all of us.

***I had an opportunity to be an anonymous caller on a new ABC online segment entitled, "Moms Get Real." They set up a phone call and everything, and I got to hear the show and respond when I was told, and that was fun. What was NOT so fun is 1. realizing after the fact that I sounded like an uneducated hick, and 2. realizing that the people running the show, so to speak, are actually FAMOUS. that's what I get for not watching TV, because I had no idea who they were until I googled them, and then got all sweaty and nervous. I? Am a dork in the extreme.

***This just added on Friday afternoon. Have any of you seen this blog post about apes being ticklish? And the burning question here is does anyone besides me find it to be a) terribly disturbing and amusing that money was actually spent on studying something like this, b)odd that this can so easily be construed into a Creation Vs Evolution Argument, c) disconcerting that it is rather fun in a slightly not-nice way to go in and make gentle fun at some of these people and last, d) what the hell does any of this matter? We will all be dead soon enough and will find out firsthand; why fight about it now?

okay, time to head to the shower to get ready for work. If you liked these, there are lots better ones out there. Click on the link above and go check out some of the other fragmenters!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Questions For You, My Dear Readers

A few questions for you people. Perhaps you may remember that I have been talking about a give away, and my move to a new place in the blog-world, and perhaps you may be thinking, "What the fuck? What a FLAKE!" because I haven't actually gotten it accomplished. Rest assured, it is all still in the works, and with hope by next week I will be able to do it. So in an effort to involve all of you, my ever-faithful readers, in this process (meaning I am moving and I don't have a pickup; can I borrow yours? And your strong back?), I am going to put out a few feelers and find out what you think. Keeping in mind that it is still my blog and I am going to keep writing it whether all of you come along for the ride or not, I would like some input on the following things:

1. Is it better to have several different pages to go through? Say, a photo page, and a Kori Dispenses Useless Parenting Advice, and a regular main page...? What are you more likely to read? What do you want to hear more about?

2. When I post the questions for my give away (and I will post photos of the items up for grabs over the weekend), would you rather have multiple choice guess or would you rather have to figure out the answers cold? Be aware, there will be none of this, "Every time you comment you get 3 entries and if you follow me that is 6 more and if you refer a friend you get a free set of knives" shit. Not that there is anything wrong with that, other than I am a simple person. The one who gets the most answers right wins. Period. If more than one person gets the same number of answers right, I will put your names on a piece of paper and let someone draw it. And no, April you are still not eligible to play.

3. Do any of you actually listen to any of the songs when a person posts a play list?

4. What should I do with my hair? Because sorry Rachael, I am just about 32 seconds away from getting dreads. And I don't think I am kidding.

5. Do you like me to respond to your comments? If so, would you come back in to the post to see if I have responded, or do you like to have them emailed? Mr. Lady asked her readers the same question, so I am thieving it from her.

Any other thoughts and ideas you might have, please let me know. I really and truly DO want to know what you think, because even though it is MY blog, I want to make sure YOU come back. And yes, I am pimping myself here. And if it were me, I would pick me up and pay me. Just sayin.'

On another note entirely, I hate the words "booty call" and Baby Mama/Daddy. they make me, how should I say it, want to vomit. Also, there is a really funny post up over the Rocky Mountains Mom Blog this morning about Pregnancy and Weight Gain; well worth the read. Head on over to Anna's place and check out the new addition to their house; it makes my ovaries scream to see the plump deliciousness that has taken up residence there. I found a new blog that I think kicks some serious ass. Check it out here. She looks to be a new blogger, so go check her out and say hi. She is really, really good. Last but certainly far from least, April has a GREAT post up over at the LA Moms Blog.