Monday, June 15, 2009


Well folks, apparently blogger has decided that I have loafed around here, taking up valuable web space and not paying them an ever-loving dime, long enough. They have told me to get up off my ass and go somewhere else, much like I told my deadbeat second husband.** So I have moved over to this spot, the new and much improved see kori rant. Special thanks go out to JT over at The Goth Mom for the web space, to the ever-lovely Mr.Lady for basically getting the site up and running, and a really, really heartfelt thank you to Judith Shakespeare for the web design; it is perfect.

So head on over to the new place. Wander around, check it out. I hope you love it almost as much as I do, and I hope you will all continue along with me on this journey called life.

**In actuality, blogger has been a really great place for me to get my feet wet; they have served me well, it's just time to move forward.