Monday, May 4, 2009

My Weekend Recap

I have photos of the weekend and was planning on doing a weekend wrap-up just using pictures, but alas, where is my camera? Sitting on the bookshelf at home. So I will maybe do a photo post later in the week, provided I can remember to bring the camera.

Jacquie and I had such a great time on Saturday. It was really, really nice to have the day just to ourselves, with no kids and no time constraints. The first place we stopped was, of course, Starbucks, where the bitch behind the counter sold both the orange cranberry AND the pumpkin scone right out from under my nose. I was pretty despondent about that until I had a slice of the blueberry crumb cake; it was killer.

From there, we went to Rudy's, where I was immediately thrust into heaven. It is beautiful; absolutely beautiful. I found so many things that I wanted, in every area of the store. What I ended up with was the really neat garlic chopper that you just open up from the top and roll across a hard surface and in seconds, perfectly chopped garlic. Also some lemon tea cookies, a dumpling press (for making pot stickers or wontons or pirogi. I suppose you could even make ravioli with it, though they would be rather large), a bamboo mat to roll sushi on (my next culinary venture). Some gourmet chocolate with cherries and almonds in it, a balsamic fish rub, and a small piece of dark chocolate with nutmeg and pepper in it; delightful. We spent two hours in the store, and I could easily have spent another two. I will definitely be going back there. Also, the prices were actually quite reasonable, which is a plus.

After that, we headed to a local thrift store. I found THE best skirt/top outfit; I can't wait to post a photos of it. It didn't fit, though, so I had to leave it there. What I DID get was a brand new, tags-still-on-pair of Levi jeans (my favorite brand), a pair of Levi shorts, some Liz Claiborne khaki work pants, a set of four butter plates from Pier 1 and a warming pot thing for oils ALL for less than $15.00. Talk about a major score! Jacquie got some really good deals, too, so it was a success.

Steve met us for lunch, and he even paid for it so that was great. We all headed to Costco, then he took our stuff home with him and Jacquie and I went to Old Navy and Famous Footware. I found some cotton sleep pajamas to replace the ones I tore the night Crazy Stalker Guy visited, and a little cami thing to use as a nightshirt, and a bar of soap-spent just over $10. I was not impressed with the shoe store at all, though. Not a very great selection this time, and it seems like their prices are not nearly as discounted as they used to be.

Anyway, it was a really great day, and I am so glad that we went. We had a fight a couple of weeks ago, Jacquie and I did, and while I think we have both long since forgiven one another (we are a vicious pair when both are mad, I tell you!) and moved on, I think that the day together on Saturday was really quite necessary for both of us. In fact, I was annoyed that Steve sort of invited himself to lunch with us, because the whole point of us going to Twin together was to be, you know, together? But I think it turned out okay, especially since he ended up paying, ha ha.

Then yesterday, it seemed like I was on the go all day long, but in a good way. It was also an odd day weatherwise, sunny and warm one minute and then hailing and pouring rain the next. At one point, when Eli and I were driving home from his friend's house, I had to slow down to about 35 because I couldn't see for all the rain. In between the weather bursts, Hannah and I went to lunch and to get some flowers to plan in my wine barrel, which was really nice. I have been trying to take one kid per weekend and taking them to lunch and to run errands or whatever with me, and yesterday was Hannah's turn. It was so much fun; we picked out a great assortment of flowers, and it felt good to just have that bit of time together. Again in between storms, the little boys and I planted the barrel; I think Owen had far more fun "slipping" in the mud, but it was neat to see them both very tenderly place the plants in the dirt. Later, Owen and I went to look at it before coming in for the night, and he very proudly said, " I did that!"

For dinner, we all went to Steve's mom and step-dad's house; Steve and I were in charge of cooking, so I had marinated a flank steak and he had gotten a salmon to grill on the cedar plank; they both turned out beyond fabulous, if I do say so myself. It was fun for all of us, and by time we got home it was past Owen and Sam's bedtime so the rest of the evening flew.

It is sunny today, finally, and I am glad. I don't mind the rain, and the thunder and lightning is exciting, but the spring sun is such a nice contrast. I am feeling very content and fulfilled today, just feeling as if right this moment, all is right with the world. Living in the moment, and a fine moment it is.


FreedomFirst said...

Mmm, pierogies. I love those with sour cream.

I'm glad you had fun. :)

April said...

I'm really really glad you had such a nice weekend.

Ms. Moon said...

I'm glad you had a nice weekend too. You deserve it.

Dingo said...

Later, Owen and I went to look at it before coming in for the night, and he very proudly said, " I did that!"Awww! He's going to enjoy watching them grow. And then he's going to pick some for you to put in a cup of water.

So glad you had a great weekend. You are going to post recipes of all those delicious foods you mentioned, right?

Tara R. said...

It's good to hear you had such a wonderful weekend.

justme said...

Glad you had such a great time on Saturday, Kori, and a nice weekend overall!

Martin said...

You got some daisy dukes?

Shiona said...

Glad to hear about the fun weekend. Living in the moment is definitely a good thing.

Rachael said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend! I love your idea of taking one of the kids out each weekend, they will cherish those moments!