Thursday, May 21, 2009

Finally! A Post!

Is it Thursday already? The week has flown by with a variety of different happenings here, and I feel a little sheepish that I was so excited to get this computer so as to be able to post from home, give the blogs I read more attention, whatever, and it just hasn't happened. Isn't that crazy? Maybe it means I have more of a life than previously thought, I don't know.

I have had two different classes for work this week, one regarding a new product one of our companies is introducing and an Ethics class. The one with the company was really neat because I know and like a lot of the people who go there; the class itself was okay, but then afterward we all went to lunch together and that was the fun part. Here is this insurance company who had something like $2 MILLION dollars in pure profit last year, yet the CEO and the VP of Marketing were the ones presenting the class, hobnobbing with us "common folk." Not only that, but it has been about a year since I have seen the VP and not only did she give me a HUG when I saw her, but she remembered my name and said, "Now isn't that baby of yours just about three now?" Well, yes, he will be three on Friday. There is some, what is it? Ego? Pride? I don't know, but when our agency was one of three there who received an award for the lowest losses (because the fewer losses, the grater the profit, both for our agency but for the company), as well as having been one of the few who showed impressive growth in the last year; the pride comes from the fact that this company only writes home and small businesses, and that is what I DO-so I had some small part in that. Also, the company is filled with really strong, beautiful professional women, and they like me-and think that I am some kind of amazing person for singlehandedly raising four kids while doing the job that I do. Come on; what red-blooded woman wouldn't love that kind of stuff?

The Ethics class was a licensing requirement, and it was excellent. The one I went to last year was, um, how should I put this...dry as dust? Boring as hell? Yes, that covers it. This one was very well-presented, and there was a lot of class participation. At first I was all like, "Oh, great, fucking small groups, WTF?" but within minutes, I felt myself particularly grateful for the opportunity. I was sitting with three agents who have been in the business for WAY longer than I, in one case since before I was BORN, and man, what a wealth of information! There was one woman there who was stunning in her beauty and very articulate, very well-educated, and she was intimidating as hell to me. But listening to her and talking with her, I found that there was no reason to be. She is a life/health agent, I am home and auto, so we both had stuff to learn from each other. Very neat. At lunch, she and I sat together (the other three on our group didn't stay for lunch) and next thing I knew, we were talking about how loneliness doesn't kill you but it sure does suck, about her unexpected second marriage that has been just as good as her first (her husband died of cancer after 27 years of marriage) was really neat.

Other things have happened, too; Sam had a 10th birthday, so there was the party at Jacquie's with pizza and cake, and of course different things going on with Steve (I think they are good things but time will tell), getting Hannah ready to go camping and trying to get all of the end of the school year business know how it is. I know this isn't much of a post, either, but it's all I've got tonight.


Melissa said...

It may be all you've got, but it's still pretty good. :)

Making the change to WP wasn't that hard. I still have some stuff to work out, but I really like it.

JT said...

I posted a pretty.

Ms. Moon said...

Good post! All good stuff! I think it's wonderful and amazing that you have this job where you feel validated and valuable, necessary and needed.

justme said...

Hey woman - good to hear that your absence has been spent doing interesting (the classes) and fun (Sam's 10th birthday!!!!) things.

I hope you have a great Memorial Weekend :0)

And just to check, did you get my emails?


April said...

I'm glad the classes were interesting, and the people were great. It really doesn't take that much to make us happy after all, does it?
Love you.

Mrs4444 said...

Good enough for me. I'm glad you had some distractions this week :)

Dingo said...

What an exciting post. So many things looking up and giving you the nod that things are getting better.

Happy Belated Birthday Sam and Happy Birthday my little Owen!