Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Windy Wednesday-or "I can't think of a title"

It is June 11th. The 11th! And here where I live, it is 38 degrees and snowing lightly, with 50 MPH winds on and off. No fucking wonder I can't get my shit together; I am still in winter mode, and the weather has gone beyond depressing clear on into if I don't have some warmth and sun soon, I am going to seriously hurt someone. I like the cold and snow when it is, you know, winter, not when it is the beginning of June.

So I haven't been around for a variety of reasons, partly due to work and partly because I really haven't had anything of note to write about. Or rather, I haven't had the mental energy to write about anything besides fluff. Actually, I still don't. I just know that the mere act of writing often helps me process things, clear my head, move forward, and when I don't write (here, in my journal, a letter, something) then I start to stagnate and feel really, really stuck. Which makes it really easy for me to isolate and brood, which is NOT a good place for me to be, especially lately.

Over the weekend, Owen climbed out the window in the boys' bedroom. In an instant, he had flung one leg over, and before any one of us could get there (me from the living room, the big boys from the backyard, which was where O. was trying to get to), had fallen out. It is about a five foot drop, and just underneath the window there is an old tree stump; he missed it entirely, and I still shake to think what would have happened had he hit his little noggin on it. Thankfully, all he got was a little bump on his head and a scratched up and bloody leg, but it still left me shattered. I watched him all after noon and evening to make sure he was okay, especially after he was in bed; I just had to watch, and wait, and be sure. I am not one to be eaten up with guilt, it isn't that; I was not being negligent nor careless, it just happened so FAST, and I think that is what scares me so much of the time-that in an instant, our lives can change, and there is nothing I can do about it. No matter how vigilant I am, no matter how much I try to protect my kids from harm, there are no guarantees.

On Monday, Steve's 11 year old nephew was hit by a car while riding his motorcycle (and PLEASE, you guys, this is Idaho. He lives on a farm, and 11 year old kids and younger ride cycles ALL OF THE TIME. He was not on the highway except to cross it, he was wearing a helmet, etc...)As near as anyone can tell, this was just an accident. No fault, or if blame is to be laid anywhere it was probably The Boy's fault, but really, just an accident. An accident that has The Boy in the hospital with a punctured lung, a jaw that is wired shut, broken ribs, they removed his spleen, and oh, the possibility-even likelihood-that he will lose his leg from the knee down. And this is the GOOD news; when they first life flighted him, the fear was major head injuries, and since his lung and spleen needed operated on immediately, the leg was totally NOT a priority; it was a given at that point that he would lose the whole leg, if he lived. Another instance of no guarantees.

I don't know what my point about this really is, except that all we have is this day. I know how trite that sounds, really I do. And I know on some level I am always aware of this; I mean, in AA, it is ALL ABOUT one day at a time, and I just forget sometimes how important that is. I don't mean in the sense of being on edge and worrying all of the time that something might happen to one of my kids, or me, but in the sense of trying to live every day. I can't and won't live my life or make my KIDS live their lives full of fear. I take pretty damn good care of my kids, and am pretty vigilant about their safety so far as I can control (you can BET I moved the furniture around so that Owen can't reach any windows, now that we know he can get out!), but I need to remember that no matter how careful I am, there are no guarantees.

I am still depressed and crazy and emotional, and it still seems like I am spiraling out of control, which is more than scary for me. But this is one more thing I can do to help myself get better-to remember that I have today, and do what I can do today to feel better. For today, this has to be enough.


Anonymous said...

It is enough for today. Just for today...

One day at a time, remember?

Blogging always makes me feel worlds better -- Hope it does you, too.

Anonymous said...

OMG! How scary! You're right, it doesn't require a fault in parenting for something awful to happen. I'm glad to hear he's alright.

Keep us posted about the nephew.

FreedomFirst said...

Wow, I'm so sorry to hear about Steve's nephew. And I'm really glad Owen is alright. That is really scary. I recall a couple of instances when terrible things ALMOST happened to my little siblings. It really shakes you up.
I'll be praying for the boy in the hospital.

Mama Smurf said...

That's just scary!

My eleven y/o came up to me after reading a book not too long ago..."Pioneer"...and said "Mom, I have a new's the main characters motto in the book I just read...'dream as if you'll live forever but live as if you'll die tomorrow'" LOVE that!

Tara R. said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your nephew. I hope his prognosis improves.

All we can do is live one day at a time.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kori, one day at a time is all you can do in parenting. Kids are very fast, they don't always pay attention to things, and they tend to be a little crazy. All you can do is protect them as best as you can and just take the rest as it comes. I know, all 3 of my girls should've been boys. I've been through the broken bones, rashes, illness's, you name it, we've been in the ER for it. Just do your best and leave the rest in someone else's hands.

Martin said...

That's shitty about that poor kid.

You sound down, stay positive yeah?

Take a peak a your kids when they've fallen asleep tonight, they'll sooth you.

April said...

"No day but today" - Jonathon Larsen (Rent)

I've literally cried myself to sleep, imagining horrible things happening to my children. My sister, my nephew, my mother, my grandfather have all been hit by cars; 2 of those instances were fatal.

I do the best that I can to prevent such things, but I've also learned through it all that the best you can do is (a) tell the people that you love "I love you" as much as possible, (b) give every hug and kiss that you want to give - and take every hug and kiss that you're offered, and (c) don't leave your kids with Michael Jackson. Some things are more horrendous, even, than death!

MarĂ­a said...

Oh my God. Wow.
This really hits home to me. In lieu of recent events, I realize that all I can do is take everything that comes my way as it comes, and go day by day. For them, myself, everything else.