Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Hooters Mom?

I hate Fox News, I really do. The seem to have a knack for adding or removing certain words from a story in order to put the worst possible spin on things, and it is really starting to piss me off. This morning I was reading a story about the mom who left her two year old in the car while she was at work, and of course he died. That itself is terrible, I don't deny that, and I have my own strong opinion that people who are stupid enough to forget they have a kid in their car, well, let's not go there. It IS a tragedy, no matter how you look at it. But the fact that Fox had to insert that mom worked at Hooters was an obvious attempt to sway public opinion AGAINST this mom; it implied that she was perhaps more careless and less good a mother simply because she works at Hooters. I would be willing to bet a considerable amount of money (had I any) that if good old Kate McCann had worked at Hooters instead of being a doctor, public opinion would have crucified her instead of giving her money.

Why is it that our occupation dictates what kind of parent we are? and why does that apply only to women? You see a man out digging ditches and think, "Good for him for doing what he can to support his family." you see a woman being a waitress (and having been a waitress in the past, I bet she probably makes a lot more money than most!) and she automatically seen as some sub-standard provider. Yet at the same time, a man can be a doctor and not not have to worry about the effect THAT has on his public persona, but a mom who is a doctor is considered a shitty mom because she should be staying home with her kids.

We can't win sometimes; while I don't think this Hooters mom should get away with this scot free (though accidents DO happen, and maybe the loss of her child is punishment enough; I don't have an answer for that one, or even a theory), I also think that it shouldn't matter where she works, and I think that Fox is pretty shitty for making it sound like she was some trailer trash mama who works as a waitress "wink wink" while fucking truckers for money on the side.

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