Monday, December 15, 2008


I just got back to the office after going to the arraignment for CF (the acronym is courtesy of April, BTW), and there were no real surprises in that he pled Not Guilty. However, he has been formally charged now with FOUR felonies instead of three, and three of the four are The Big Ones, while the last is a "minor" one. My guess is that the 4th charge is there simply to be thrown away, and the more severe charges are there to be pled down, but we shall see. A preliminary hearing has been set for January 12th, and a trial date for January 28th. At this point, of course, we don't know if it will go to trial or not, but we have to prepare as if it will. After this, I don't know what we need to do, and will call the Prosecutor tomorrow to find out.

I sort of crept in and sat at the back, right next to the aisle; up until the very end they didn't know I was there. Actually, I am not sure if the prosecutor or the defense attorney even knew, but CF sure did. He sort of sauntered out of the little box and down the aisle, and then he saw me. Our eyes met, even, and he immediately hung his head and walked a lot less cockily. Which was my point. I needed him to see that I was there, and that I was pissed, and that there is no way we are going to let this go. Not a chance in hell. Mission accomplished. All in all, I was only over to the courthouse for 15 minutes or so, but I feel like big things were accomplished in that 15 minutes. Plus I am giving myself major bonus points for exercising restraint; I did NOT glare, I did not flip him off, I simply looked at him and raised my eyebrows. That's it.

And now we move on and wait to see what happens next. In the meantime, as I have said a thousand times before, life just keeps going on, and we take it as it comes. Friday was a little hectic and crazy with me having to run to the school and pick up a very ill Sam, then take him in to see Janet as well. After work was the AA Christmas party, so the kids all stayed at Jacquie's while we went. I had been bitching some because it started so early this year (6:00!), which makes it a little hard to get everything together when you don't' get off until 5:00, but in retrospect I was glad. I had picked up the kids and we were home by 9:30, which was really quite nice.

Saturday, we went with Steve to a neighboring town to have dinner and see a huge display of lights that is up every year. It is at the base of one of the mountains, and it was bitterly cold, but well worth it. From the top of the drive, it looks and sounds like a carnival with all of the lights dancing and the music playing. I can't quite describe it, other than completely garish and loud and, dare I say it, almost tacky, yet absolutely perfect. It is very hard to be all "Bah Humbug" when you have a two year old who got to see Santa for the first time in memory, and see all the different lights and dioramas, or a nine year old who notices every little detail, or a 16 year old who still wants to hang out with the family, or a man who is just so handsome that you want to eat him up. Really. There was also a CAMEL there, which strikes me as hilarious, yet equally fitting to the whole mood of the place. We were given both candy canes and carrots by Santa, so were able to feed the camel. I had never seen one up close and was surprised at both how huge he was, as well as how strangely beautiful. Are any of you totally screaming "Hick!" by now?

The rest of the weekend was also good, albeit quiet. I spent a lot of time on Sunday making plans for the Christmas deal, including making sure Eli gets to go spend time with my dad and making the arrangements for that. I won't say that I have gone so far as to be EXCITED about it all, but I am getting there, slowly but surely. Thanks to all of you who are helping with that, too. I sure feel a lot less alone these days, which is no small thing.

And today? A good day so far. Breathing room again so far as CF goes, the prospect of snow, the beginning of the first parties at the daycare tonight. These small things are what cobble together the ability to handle (somewhat) the big things, so I am grateful for them.


Tara R. said...

Sounds like the case against CF (I added my own full name to these initials) is going good. I hope he is prosecuted and convicted to the full extend of the law. I also hope you and yours have a fabulous Christmas and a peaceful and joyous New Year.

April said...

I'm so glad you were able to go this a.m. and accomplish your goal. It IS important for him to realize that no matter what the courts say or do, there are human consequences to his actions which he will never be able to fix.
I love you.

TnAHurst said...

I hope that man rots in jail and gets a "boyfriend"!:) I love and care for your family and I truely hope you're blessed! I saw the camel 2 yrs ago but it was pouring rain and we walked through it so we wouldn't get stuck in the mud! I want to go back again this yr Makiah would love it!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that your weekend was as enjoyable as it sounds like it was.

I'm with Tara. I made up my own name for C.F.

Seriously, a camel? Isn't is a bit cold for a camel? lol

Martin said...

Sounds relatively positive. Good to see.

Jill said...


Keep on keepin' on. And as difficult as it is to stay optimistic, remember that bad people usually do get what they should get. Good job at keeping your head too.

Anonymous said...

Good for you for winning the stare-down! said...

I am sooo happy things seem to be turning around a bit. At least your spirits are up and that will definitely raise the spirits of your family. It's contagious. ;-)
Still praying for you.

Julie@My5monkeys said...

I hope that he gets jail too. sounds like a normal weekend. Hugs to you.

hugabug1 said...

I am so glad that things are beginning to look up a bit for you. It sounds like you had a very fun outing with your family. I've never seen a camel up close; I bet that was awesome! I'm praying that the excitement will come sooner rather than later.

Anonymous said...

Good for you for standing up to him and not being cowered. He's the one that needs to be ashamed.

Sorry to hear Sam was ill. I hope he's feeling all better now. I hope all of you stay healthy.

It sounds like, all things considered, it was a good weekend.

FreedomFirst said...

I hope his lack of contrition ticks off the judge and jury as much as it does you.

Glad no one got spit on by the camel, lol. They can be really rude. That's so cool that you got to attend an event like that. And what's wrong with being a hick?! Hehe.

I didn't get to see this yesterday because we had Andy's school pageant and fundraiser in the morning (and missed the pageant because the car wouldn't start AGAIN), then my mom's annual Bill of Rights Commemorative Banquet last night. I was supposed to leave Hunter at home but there was no one to babysit. Next time I will stay home rather than go through that again.