Wednesday, October 1, 2008

In Which I Get A Phone Call **Plus Breaking News!**

So in the middle of my evening last night, the phone rang. I was actually tempted to ignore it, as the Caller ID doesn't work (long story short, Eli's dog chewed up the cordless awhile back and I had to unearth the old corded one that hangs on the wall. It has the Caller ID function, it just doesn't work) and because I knew it wasn't for me (Jaqcuie is out of town and Steve was at work, and those are the only two people I ever talk to on the phone. In fact, if Owen sees me on the phone, he asks, "Daddy?" and if I say no he says, "Gacki?" Yeah. I'm popular)(and hey. I read Florinda's meme the other day about her parenthetical asides and I realize I do the same thing). But I DID answer it, and I get this, "Kori? This is April." You could have knocked me over with a feather. I think I actually screamed a little bit (which would probably explain why she said that I sounded much girlier than she thought I would. For the record, SHE has an accent, even though she says she doesn't. So there.), and kind of juggled the phone a little bit-I was that surprised.

See, she was actually on her way to meet Florinda; they were going to the theater, and I will be honest in saying that I have been the wee bit jealous. Not that April got to meet her, but that she got meet April-and before I did. So yeah, I understand that I live three states and a lifetime away from So Cal (come on-I was chastising my dog for slurping a pound of grated cheese off the counter with her sloppy old tongue and April was on her way to the theatre, for God's sake!), but still; April is MY friend, not HERS. I have a slight competitive streak; some might call it obsessive. So April said that she couldn't very well go to meet another blogger without at least talking to me on the phone first, which I thought was really, really neat.

I don't know how to describe it. There was none of the awkwardness you might expect from a first phone conversation; it was a little strange, maybe, but to me, it was just like a continuance of the nine billion emails we exchange on a daily basis. And that rocks, it really does. I love April; you all know that, as I talk about her rather often, but I can't begin to tell you how much, or why, or just how fucking awesome it is to have this friend, and now to have been able to TALK to her. Words can't suffice.

All night I was kind of doing a little happy dance. And FYI, April, Steve WAS excited for me that you had called, as were the kids. Even though they were mad that I was on the phone. And not paying attention to their every little move. So thanks, April, so much-you have no idea. Or maybe you do.

That said, the REST of the night was about normal. Hannah succumbed to the stomach flu and spent a good tow hours in front of the toilet. A true indication of motherhood: "Mom, come quick, I think I am throwing up blood!" and me, peering into the toilet and then saying, "oh no, honey, that's just Kool-Aid, you're fine." Neither Sam nor Owen wanted to sleep last night, so had to be admonished several times, to which Owen replied, "I tell Daddy you!" Yeah; big threat, little man. So. Life is good today, for lots of reasons but mostly because I got to talk to April. And I can't figure out whether that makes me reaaaaally pathetic or not....

***If you are interested, I am on Day Two of the guided Journal Questions over here. It isn't really very interesting yet, though I think it might become so once I get into the habit of doing it. So hard to write about a specific topic! But I think the discipline will be good for me.***
Here is the update: after being on the waiting list with the Idaho Housing Authority for 15 months, I finally got to the top of the list. That doesn't mean I am approved; it means I get to jump through a whole bunch more hoops in order to even find out if I am, and then have to find a landlord whose house will qualify and who is always willing to jump through his/her own hoops. This is a rental assistance program, where they will subsidize part of the rent, and is also the only chance I have in the foreseeable future to get moved into a bigger house. So I feel just a little white-trash, but so be it; I have GOT to move (four kids, two of whom are teens, in a 2 bedroom house just isn't going to fly much longer!), and if this gives me the opportunity, I will take it. I have an appointment on Tuesday; it means taking the morning off of work, as the town in which I have to interview is 45 miles away, but again, so be it.
Also, there was an envelope from the IRS at my house for my ex-husband. I committed a felony by opening it, I am aware, but my justification (besides being a nosy bitch) was that I don't know where to forward it to anyway. They a re wondering why he hasn't filed his taxes for the last two years, and would like them as soon as possible. Why did I get such a sick, lovely sense of satisfaction out of that?


Anonymous said...

I'm happy for you, chica. :)

April said...

I'm so glad I called, too! It really would not have been right any other way. I'm just sorry we can't meet in person yet. But yeah, it took all of 5 secs for it to stop feeling strange for me. I do love that I have your ACTUAL voice in my head. And shut up, I so do not have an accent :)

Anonymous said...

Kori -- So exciting!!! The first time I talked to SWM on the phone I couldn't shut up. It was great. And funny thing is, she said I sounded much perkier on the phone than she would have thought.

I think the awesome thing about bloggy friends is that you know so much about each other that there is no awkwardness because you know so much about one another already. This was definitely the case when I went out for drinks with a single dad was like we were old friends from the start.

Anyway -- so happy y'all got to talk! I'm trying to convince SWM to come to the mountains for a long weekend. Wish you and April were closer so you could come, too!!!!

Anonymous said...

YAY for half-way meeting another blogger! I was thrilled when I met my first blog friend in person. We already knew so much about each other, but had never met!

P.S. I laughed out loud when I read the koolaide/puking blood line.

Martin said...


I would find that absolutely weird too.

I build up so many preconceived ideas as to how a person should look or sound, it's weird when you see or hear the reality.

Glad you two got to chat.

Florinda said...

Practically the first thing that April said to me when we met at the theatre was "Guess who I just got off the phone with? Kori!" I didn't realize it was your first conversation, though.

(And I couldn't hear that she has an accent :-).)

But what do you mean, you weren't jealous that SHE got to meet ME? Just kidding - I know y'all go back a ways, and I'm glad you had a chance to chat yesterday. She's a sweetheart, and we really enjoyed the show. And yes, the fact we live in the same city and you live three states away probably is a factor in why you two haven't met up in person yet - but I'm sure you'll work it out to make it happen at some point!

Mama Smurf said...

That is just the coolest thing! Seriously. I just love this story. There are many people in my little bloggy network that I would LOVE to talk to IRL.

One day.

I love the idea of the guided did you find out about it or get involved with it?

FreedomFirst said...

Wow, that's awesome! I'm so happy for you. Sorry for Hannah, though.

The image of Owen telling you off is hilarious! Did I tell you Hunter has started hitting us?! Not that he can really do any damage yet, but he certainly thinks he can. And of course it's the attitude that matters. So he's been getting frequent swats on the bum, which he wails pitifully about. (After screaming in rage doesn't work, that is.)

just jamie said...

Okay, I hardly know where to start because there was so much wholesome goodness packed into that post ... so here goes: LOVE the parenthetical references, hilarious that you opened ex's mail and found the great news, yay for the housing situation, and so cool that you have SPOKEN to April.

Did I get it all?

Anonymous said...

How FUN! I want to talk to you on the phone! And April too! And I SO get you on the competitive thing. For realz.

And yeah for the house!! I hope it all works out. For a second I thought the breaking news was going to be about CSG. I'm so glad it WASN'T.

P.S. Liz DOES sound perkier on the phone than I thought she would've. I don't know why... She so wordly, I guess I expected.

PPS You added to yesterday's post! I came early and the day and just got the redirect. Or did I just not scroll down before?

Julie@My5monkeys said...

I'm so happy for you. Its the little things that make us happy. Glad to hear about good news for you.

Unknown said...

I know how close you and April are and I'm so happy you got a phone call. I've got a few bloggy phone calls on my bed post and I have to say, sometimes the conversations are easier and flow better than those with my own IRL friends. But if you ever add wine to the mix watch out for your phone bill...3+ hours is not uncommon :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the house thing! Yes, you have to jump through hoops, but it can be so worth it in the end!
We tried to do it, but because the b/f and I live together: "We make to much money", and they don't qualify couples to live together who aren't married. Excuse me, but if non-married couples, gay or straight, now qualify to cover each other on health benefits, the why can't we get assistance with housing because the state doesn't feel that "it's appropriate?"
Sorry, went on a bit of a rant there.

Cheffie-Mom said...

It is really neat you got to talk to a blogging buddy over the phone! Very cool! I'm glad things are going good for you! (:

FreedomFirst said...

That's great! White trash my - um - bee-hind! What's white trash about a bigger house? Move on up! :D I hope it works out for you, soon.

Jennifer said...

OMG--that's so great!! I've always wondered what it would be like to talk/meet Internet friends. I've had a couple of Internet friends for years--and we email every day--but the idea of meeting/talking w/ them sort of freaks me out. I'm glad to hear you did it and it wasn't weird. I'm excited for you!!